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Our pupils are often out and about on school visits, as part of their school curriculum. We also welcome visitors into school. We always like to hear their feedback about how the pupils have been. We hand out a questionnaire, which is standard across the YHCLT.

Here are the results of these surveys. (NB The webpage was started in November 2018)

After the Pie Charts are some of the quotes from visitors or guests. Clicking on the link will take you to the Daily Diary News page for that event.

Key to Pie Charts
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Results, displayed as Pie Charts

Quotes from visits or visitors:

  • 20181026 James from 'Heritage Learning' after Year 4 helped with some 'Enablers' interviews at Hull Museums: "The children did amazingly well. They were able to give clear and informative advice about the interviewers they were listening to. Very happy with the children. Well done!"

  • 20181130 J. Holmes from Hull Children's University after leading the Year 6 London visit: "The pupils are enthusiastic, well-behaved and polite. They are eager to learn and participate. A pleasure!"

  • 20181130 K. Sexton from Hull Children's University after helping with the Year 6 London visit: "Great School Trip! Great Kids"

  • 20190305 Jodie Prest from Hull History Centre after year 5 and 6 visited the Lego History display. "Lovely children, Well mannered.Teachers well organised. Kept children engaged"

  • 20190306 Joe Hodgson from Joe's Owl Encounters and Exotic Mobile Zoo for years 1 & 2 "Brilliant children and asked a lot of questions. Staff also very helpful and friendly"

  • 20190314 Chris Williams showing 'Chatta in EYFS' "A very warm welcome. Excellent behaviour and responses from pupils. An absolute privilege + visit"

  • 20190429 Helen Gillingham/Deanna Sutherland CHCP Public Health Team for year 5 'Growing up' session - no additional comments left but questionnaire completed.

  • 20190501 Michael Westerman Year 4 visit to Hull Hebrew Congregation "Extremely well behaved children and eager to ask/answer questions"

  • 20190613 Year 6 Careers Fair:
    Marianne Simpson (Police CSI) "Had a great time, please invite me again"
    Jon Ingram (Humberside Fire Service) "Great welcome back - was good to see everyone!"
    David Andrews (Mr Andrews Online) "Fantastic School!!"
    Allison Middlemas (Lessons 4 Life) "What fantastic children. All were really polite and interested in learning"
    Caroline Edwards (Newland School for Girls) "Students were engaged and motivated to learn, even towards the end!"
    Ruth Truelove (St. Stephen's Shopping Centre) "Fab opportunity for the children to speak to a really good variety of people from different organisations"
    Amie Atkins (Vets4Pets, Hull) "It's been a pleasure to attend the job fair today. Thankyou for inviting me"
    Erica Hood (YHCLT Kelvin) "It was a pleasure to meet the pupils and discuss everything from archaeology to boxing"
    Claire Gooch (Kelvin Hall) "Very well organised event, all the children seemed very engaged with the employers and well behaved"
    Donna Shipp (IMPS @ CHCP CIC) "Year 6 were fantastic, very polite + asked clear questions. They were genuinely interested in the event. Thank you for inviting me"
    Brendon Smurthwaite (KCOM) "Very good event and the children were very enthusiastic"