Stepney Home Learning Page - Years 3 & 4

Welcome to the home learning page for Years 3 & 4, where you'll find links to learning

and useful websites as well as activities to keep you busy and curious in the days ahead.


We would love to see the work you have been doing.
Please email your work to the teachers in these year groups at this email address:
or send via our twitter account @OfficialStepney (see the twitter lower on this page)

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Challenges for the week beginning 29th June 2020

Guidance & Advice

1) On some days, a button will take you to a worksheet. You may print these out if you wish or complete your work on paper or in a book. You may then take a photo of this and email it back to us;

2) On other days, a button may link you to a website. If you have forgotten your login address for this or have any other problems or questions, please send us an email or phone the school telephone number 01482 343690 and select option 2;

3) Reading On Mondays, the Reading link may take you to the 'Bug Club' site. Please choose one of the reading activities on this day, such as reading and answering questions on one of your books;

4) Spelling When you click on the Spelling & Grammar button some days, it will take you to the Bug Club site again. Please select the Spelling & Grammar activities on these days.

5) Maths The Maths Links automatically take you to the current week's set of activities on the website that we use. We recommend that you may wish to start back with Week 1 and gradually work from there. This will help you child work through tasks in order.

NB  From 11th May, White Rose Maths have changed how they organise their sites. To get copies of the worksheets, please email our teachers on the email listed above and they will send you them. 

6) The activities on this page are designed for children in these year groups. If you wish to look at any of the activites for other year groups, then please feel free to look at these other pages.






Some Stepney Super Specials - Are you up for these? Please click on them
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Other Websites are listed here if you wish to have a look at additional resources. 

Reading & Phonics Websites Links

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Reading Realm.jpg
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Literacy & Writing Websites Links

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Spellings & Grammar Websites Links

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Maths Websites Links

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White Rose.jpg
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Science, Tech & Engineering Websites Links

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Science Fun At Home.jpg
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Multi Subjects' Websites Links

British Council Learn English Kids.jpg
Q Files.jpg
Family Zone.jpg
BBC Bitesize.jpg

Art + Pen & Paper Activities Websites Links

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Coding Websites Links


Current Affairs Websites Links

E-Safety Websites Links

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Geography & Map Websites Links


PE, Sports & Physical Activity Websites Links

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Well-Being Websites Links

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