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Miss Truelove - Strictly Dancing

Tonight, after twelve weeks of learning to dance (with many hours of extra rehearsals!) came to an end, Ruth Truelove, one of our governors, and her dance partner Mike, took to the floor at the Hull City Hall. In front of 800 people, they strutted their stuff on the dance floor... a once in a lifetime experience! Collectively The Strictly Learn to Dance Team 2018 have raised £31,000 Truly fabulous! This will help to change the lives of so many people at the Dove House Hospice, who are not experiencing such a good time in life. Miss Trulove said "This has been the most amazing, fantastic experience and has certainly exceeded any expectations I could have possibly had. Thank you for your ge

Attendance this week

The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week. Foundation Stage: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't have 100%) Year 1: 78.57% (6 pupils didn't) Year 2: 81.25% (6 pupils didn't) Year 3: 100% Year 4: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't) Year 5: 89.65% (3 pupils didn't) Year 6: 89.65% (3 pupils didn't) Class Attendance The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. Foundation Stage: 97% Year 1: 94.64% Year 2: 93.75% Year 3: 100% Year 4: 94.33% Year 5: 96.90% Year 6: 96.21% Whole School Average for this year: 95.05%

Year 5 Hull FC Coaching

Year 5 enjoyed another coaching session with Sam French from Hull FC. Sam, a former Stepney pupil himself, took the pupils through a series of evasion games using tag rugby skills and rules. With the weather being decidedly warmer than it has done on previous sessions, it was a great way to end Sports Relief week.

World Water Day

Although it was officially World Water Day yesterday, we have celebrated it today by asking pupils and staff to wear blue. We are aware of our friends in Freetown, Sierra Leone, who are faced with the daily dilemma of finding enough clean water to drink, cook with and wash with. It is truly humbling to hear about those who desperately need water when take it for granted.

Year 4 Swimming Winners

In December, year 4 had taken part in their swimming lessons. Today, we have presented them with their certificates and special badges: School Swimming: Kayleigh, Lyllian, Sarkar, Leon, 5 metres: Demi, Esther, Keyshia, Shushila, D'Niro, Nikita, David, Martyna, Wiktoria, 10 metres: Kamil, Karina, Poppy, Kacie-Mae 25 metres: Cristina, Jakub, Jaylen, Julia, Lawand, Krzysztof, Agata, Kian, Sofija, Sergejs, Dominik,

Science Week Winners

This morning, we presented our science week awards for last week's home projects. Year 1: Amir (dinosaur fossils); Year 2: Natty (electrical circuits & explanation); Year 3: Sofia (anti-smoking poster); Year 4: Martyna (solar system with lots of interesting facts); Year 5: Isobelle (exploding volcano) and Year 6: Deborah (rainbow formation). An extra prize was given to Idris who had brought three amazing experiments into school the week before and had inspired everyone!

Year 2 Science Week Home Projects

Year 2 dazzled us with their science projects which include; reactive materials; solar system explanations; volcanoes; body organ models; flying cars and crystals. Filip had also presented a video explanation that he had filmed about the sun. Wow! Some great work!

Year 1 Science Week Home Projects

We looked at some amazing science week projects from year 1 this morning. There were robots; rockets, volanoes, crystals, lava lamps and dinosaur fossils. Brilliant work, Year 1.

Stars of the Week

This week's winners are: EYFS - Dastan & Eva Year 1 - Kaeden Year 2 - Oliwia Year 3 - Alberto Year 4 –Gaya Year 5 - Warren Year 6 - Taylor

Rock & Roll Reading for Yr 1 & 2 Parents

We are offering an exciting new reading club for parents and their children, beginning on Monday 9th April. This is for children in years 1 and 2. If you would like to come along, please use the contact details on the attached poster (click here to see a bigger version of this) or see our staff.

Easter Disco Egg-travaganza!

Tonight, we had our Easter disco. Many pupils were dancing with their Easter bonnets on as they were waiting in eager anticipation to see who would win the Easter bonnet competition.

Phase 5/6 Exhibition - Mayan Head Dress

There were some truly stunning creations from years 5 & 6's exhibition this morning. Their thematic unit this term has been the Ancient Mayans. Today's activity for parents and pupils was to recreate a Mayan head dress. Needless to say, everyone really enjoyed another of our highly successful art and craft events. Please click here to read all of the parent comments from this event.

Year 5 Sports Relief Fitness Marathon

Not to be thwarted by the weather, Mr Jones organised an alternative Sports Relief Fitness Marathon afternoon for year 5 during their PE lesson. Regrettably, the awful weather at the start of the week had put paid to the 'Run a Mile' event at Stephen Prescott Sports Centre. However, back at school today, pupils had fun, and were suitable tired out through some energetic activities. Many thanks, Mr Jones.

Phase 1/2 Exhibition: Landmarks

Many parents turned up for our year 1 and 2 exhibition this morning. The theme was landmarks and both parents and pupils soon got stuck into some fun art and craft activities. These events are some of our most popular and successful activities and show the strong bonds that we have between pupils, parents and staff. As always, we ask parents if they'd kind enough to put down their thoughts on the event in a short questionnaire. We read every single comment and act upon their suggestions. If you would like to read all of these comments then please click here to access our Parents' View page.

Freetown Meeting at Stepney

We were honoured to host the latest meeting of the Freetown Society. This is an association that was set up thirty nine years ago and has been growing in strength since then. It celebrates the strong bonds and collaborations between the cities of Kingston Upon Hull and Freetown, in Sierra Leone. In our school hall tonight, we had displays from schools which had recently sent staff to Freetown to work with teaching colleagues in Africa. Our very own Miss Baitson and Mrs Warcup were there, talking to guests about their visit. The speakers at the event were Kathleen Guthrie, who organises the schools global partnerships; Tom (a director from Hull Truck), Mr Browning and Josh Guthrie. One of the

Year 5 Making Blood

Year 5 have been learning about blood! We made our own blood, different sweets to represent the different parts of the blood.

Cookery Club - Ginger Biscuits

Today's cookery club involved making some scrummy ginger biscuits. We took some photos of the process but, unfortunately, they were so delicious that we didn't get time to photograph the actual biscuits before they were eaten Ingredients 225g Self-Raising flour 1 level tsp of bicarbonate of soda 2 level tsp of ground ginger 1 level tsp cinnamon 125g butter, chilled, cubed 100g soft brown sugar 100g golden syrup 100g dark chocolate 1. Preheat the oven to 180C/160C fan/ Gas 4. Sift together the flour, bicarbonate of soda and spices. Rub in the butter, then stir in the sugar; 2. Next, heat the syrup in a small pan until just warm, then add to the flour mixture. Stir to make stiff dough; 3. Shap

Year 6 Reminder - Sirius North Meeting

May we remind those current year 6 pupils who are due to start at Sirius North in September 2018 that the school is having its first celebration evening this Wednesday at the academy. Pupils may attend from 4.30pm to listen to one of two presentations at 5.00pm and/or 6.00pm. All pupils are invited to come and discover key information regarding their transition from Primary to Secondary education. This is of greater importance to those pupils who are considering challenging their allocation and require information about a potential appeal. Sirius North will be hosting another event in June that will provide all pupils with the opportunity to explore the academy and develop a greater understa

Pupils interviewed on Radio Humberside

Sally Fairfax, from BBC Radio Humberside, popped into our school at lunchtime today to interview pupils and kitchen staff about our school meals. Pupils from year 6 were eager to tell her how our new kitchen has improved the food they eat at lunchtimes. Sally was really impressed with the eloquence of Deborah, Mohammed-Ali, Priscilla and Taylor.

Chef Alex on Radio Humberside

Alex, our Chef, was interviewed by Sally Fairfax for BBC Radio Humberside today. Sally was doing a report on school kitchens and the fact that every school in Hull now has it's own kitchen, in which fresh, hot, healthy meals are cooked. As our kitchen is one of the newest, Sally was keen to learn all about it.

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