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Yorkshire Cricket with Year 2

Rob Johnson was certainly a bit hit this morning in two senses of the word. His cricket sessions were a massive success and there was some sixes being hit!

Yorkshire Cricket with Year 1

Year 1 had a brilliant session this morning with Rob Johnson from Yorkshire Cricket. Pupils engaged in a range of exciting warm up games before having bat and ball in hand for some fun mini-matches.

Sport Relief Event Cancelled

Tomorrow, we were going to join other schools at the Stephen Prescott sports centre for a the sport relief Run a Mile event. Owing to the extremely cold weather that is forecast, the organisers have now cancelled this. Instead, we are telling pupils that they can pay 50p and come to school in warm sportswear. We will thereby still be raising money for this worthwhile charity.

This week's British Values Ethos Theme

Our British Values theme for this half term is 'Democracy', which is one of the fundamentals of living in our country and a bedrock of British Society. Fair Representation is one of the key features of the electoral process in a democratic society.

Year 6 Science Week Home Projects

In Year 6, pupils had made posters on a variety of subjects including rainbows and space. Cara showed us a video with the ever-popular minto-in-a-coke-bottle explosion!

Year 5 Science Week Home Projects

Year 5 wowed us with more working models of volcanoes; model balloon-powered hovercraft; a body cell map made from fruit; robots; glow torches and cameras. All of these projects had been made at home as part of science week.

Year 4 Science Week Home Projects

Year 4 really like the solar system. We had models of spaceships; posters about galaxies and models of the solar system. All were able to tell Ms Saint and Miss Atkinson about their work.

Year 3 Science Week Home Projects

We had some really good science projects from our year 3 pupils. In today's celebratory assembly they showed us the projects that they had done at home. These included: a poster about the dangers of smoking; models of the solar system; fact files; a lava lamp and a working volcano!

EYFS Sports Relief Event

We have had parents in this morning to join our Nursery and Reception classes for a special 'Sports Relief' morning in the school hall. Different activities were led by Mr Grindley, much to the enjoyment of everyone.

Advert: Aspire Gym Classes

Aspire Gymnastics are running more sessions this Easter. Please click here to see a full pdf copy of this advert.

Attendance this week

The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week. Foundation Stage: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't have 100%) Year 1: 100% Year 2: 87.50% (4 pupils didn't) Year 3: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't) Year 4: 86.66% (4 pupils didn't) Year 5: 93.33% (2 pupils didn't) Year 6: 82.75% (5 pupils didn't) Class Attendance The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. Foundation Stage: 95.67% Year 1: 100% Year 2: 95.31% Year 3: 96.00% Year 4: 96.67% Year 5: 98.28% Year 6: 94.14% Whole School Average for this year: 95.01%

Stepney's Easter Service with Father Phil

Father Phil lead a brilliant Easter Service at St. Mary's Church, Sculcoates this morning. He was ably assisted by fourteen year 5 pupils, who read out the Easter story. It was wonderful to have our third church service of the year. In the past, we have only had Christmas services, but with the arrival of Father Phil, we've celebrated Remembrance, Christmas and Easter so far. It's certainly a great place to be.

Stars of the Week

This week's winners are: EYFS - Jessica Year 1 - Asma Year 2 - Hasti Year 3 - Harley Year 4 - Wiktoria Year 5 - Idris Year 6 - Janet

Pearson Park Tree Planting

A group of our year 5 pupils a joined members of St. Vincent's Primary School to plant two oak trees in Pearson Park. They even received a letter of thanks from the great, great, granddaughter of Zachariah Pearson.

Zachariah Pearson's Descendant

Marian Shaw, the great, great granddaughter of Zachariah Pearson has written to the children who planted the oak trees in Pearson Park today.

Phase 3 & 4 Exhibition - Volcanoes

This term, years 3 and 4 have been busy exploring rocks, soils and mountains. For their exhibition this morning, parents joined their children to have a wonderful art and craft morning, producing some stunning Volcano displays. Many thanks to all those parents who attended. Please click here to read what our parents thought about the exhibition.

Ready for Easter @ St. Mary's

We are all prepared for our Easter Service at St. Mary's Church, Sculcoates. Each phase group has been busy preparing some artwork and it has certainly given a lovely focal point. We now can't wait until tomorrow morning when we will join Father Phil for our service. It starts at 10am and all are welcome to join us.

Calling All Girls - Wildcat Football Centres

This spring the East Riding County FA are launching 13 SSE Wildcats Girls’ Football Centres across the County. SSE Wildcats Centres are designed to inspire girls aged 5-11 to get involved in the sport. The Centres are run by approved clubs and organisations and use qualified coaches and volunteers and local facilities to offer girls a location nearby where they can get involved. SSE Wildcats Girls’ Football Centres provide girls with regular opportunities to play football and take part in organised sessions in a fun and engaging environment created exclusively for girls. In 2017 the East Riding County FA ran 3 centres, 2 of these are continuing this year and there are now an additional 11

Year 5 Cranes' Workshop

Mrs Paish's husband, who is an engineer, came into school with a colleague today to deliver a brilliant workshop on cranes with year 5. Everyone worked well in their teams to construct model cranes and to learn all about the science behind how they work. It was another great part of our science week.

International Pupil Council

Our two IPC pupils, Maryam and Cara, donned blue clothes today alongside pupils from other schools in Hull. This was part of their Water Aid project and to get in practice for World Water Day next week. IPC members looked at filtering water and producing posters promoting water conservation. It was a really useful meeting at Longhill Primary School. IPC members in Freetown, Sierra Leone will be doing similar work.

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