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Freddy Fit Activities Worksheet #14

Please click here to access the Freddie Fit Website, full of fun ideas for kids. The Freddy Fit Worksheet #14 may be accessed by clicking here for a pdf copy.

ELSA - Make A Sleey Mobile

The brilliant ELSA people have sent us a lovely creative Sleepy Mobile design to make. Please click here to access this.

Tennis At Home with Hull Active Schools

Those brilliant people at Hull Active Schools have a week's worth of great tennis activities starting on Monday. Please click here to access this website and have a go! Wimbledon may have been cancelled, but home tournaments may still take place.

Yorkshire Water Home Learning Site

Yorkshire Water are updating their home learning pages to include loads of resources about the water cycle and other great topics. Please click here to access their site.

ELSA 14 Day Challenge - My Perfect Day

ELSA (Emotional Learning Support Assistants) provide support. What would your perfect day look like? Fill in this comic strip with all the things that would make it just perfect. Click here to access this challenge.

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