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Freetown Meeting at Stepney

We were honoured to host the latest meeting of the Freetown Society. This is an association that was set up thirty nine years ago and has been growing in strength since then. It celebrates the strong bonds and collaborations between the cities of Kingston Upon Hull and Freetown, in Sierra Leone. In our school hall tonight, we had displays from schools which had recently sent staff to Freetown to work with teaching colleagues in Africa. Our very own Miss Baitson and Mrs Warcup were there, talking to guests about their visit. The speakers at the event were Kathleen Guthrie, who organises the schools global partnerships; Tom (a director from Hull Truck), Mr Browning and Josh Guthrie. One of the people attending was a dear old lady called Doris, who had been a pupil at our school, leaving in 1947. She had some fond memories of the school.

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