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Miss Truelove - Strictly Dancing

Tonight, after twelve weeks of learning to dance (with many hours of extra rehearsals!) came to an end, Ruth Truelove, one of our governors, and her dance partner Mike, took to the floor at the Hull City Hall. In front of 800 people, they strutted their stuff on the dance floor... a once in a lifetime experience!

Collectively The Strictly Learn to Dance Team 2018 have raised £31,000 Truly fabulous! This will help to change the lives of so many people at the Dove House Hospice, who are not experiencing such a good time in life.

Miss Trulove said "This has been the most amazing, fantastic experience and has certainly exceeded any expectations I could have possibly had. Thank you for your generous support by donating to my fundraising page or by buying tickets for the grand finale or BOTH! I never anticipated that I would raise over £2,000!!!

BIG thanks from me and Dovehouse for your generous support.

Best wishes and keeeeeep dancing!"

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