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Parents’ Meeting: How we can keep our children safe on line

Dear Parents

One of the main worries we hear from you is about how to ensure your children are safe when using their mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other devices. E-safety is one of the biggest safety concerns facing children and young people today.

We have therefore enlisted the services of an expert to come into school next Wednesday (2nd May) to deliver a presentation aimed at helping you with sensible, practical steps to ensure your children are safe.

The internet and modern communications systems are wonderful resources and can offer children a great many fun and inspiring ways of learning and finding out about the world. They are also potentially dangerous for many reasons.

Next Wednesday, the meeting will take place in our school hall between 3.30pm and 4.30pm. This will be for adults only. We will not be allowing any children into this meeting. If you would like to come, please turn up on Wednesday night but ensure you have alternative arrangements for your children.

We will be running a crèche for anyone who needs this facility.

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