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International Pupil Council Meeting 2018-19 #1

Miss Baitson took Idris and Isabelle to the first of this year’s International Pupil Council meetings at Ings Primary School. Led as always by Mrs Guthrie, it was the traditional first ‘food tasting’ ice breaker event. We like to get off to a good start with the IPC so all the participating schools come with foods from around the world to share. This provides an excellent opportunity for the new pupils councillors to get to know one another. The IPC, which was set up in 2010 by Mr Browning and Mr Mason (from Freetown) is still going strong. In celebration of the continued links with Sierra Leone, the IPC reps spent the rest of the session designing new logos to represent this global partnership. Many new exciting things are planned for this year, including Stepney’s work with Adeline school in Freetown.

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