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Attendance over 96% and climbing still

Once again, we have had another much improved week. After getting after to a low start with a number of pupils not returning from holiday in time for the start of the school year, figures have improved greatly. The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.

Foundation Stage: 82.14% (5 pupils didn't)

Year 1: 93.10% (2 pupils didn't)

Year 2: 96.43% (1 pupils didn't)

Year 3: 86.67% (4 pupils didn't)

Year 4: 88.00% (3 pupils didn't)

Year 5: 86.21% (4 pupils didn't

Year 6: 96.55% (1 pupils didn't)

Class Attendance The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. Foundation Stage: 95.64%

Year 1: 98.97%

Year 2: 99.29%

Year 3: 95.67%

Year 4: 94.76%

Year 5: 94.48%

Year 6: 99.31% Our target is to have 96% attendance or greater.

Our whole school average for this year is currently: 96.17%

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