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A Strong 'Saving the Planet' Showcase Message from Year 5

We have had an awe-inspiring Musical Theatre showcase this afternoon from year 5. Led by Sam, our Musical Director, they performed songs, poems and original dance routines which brought emotional responses from the watching parents. There was a strong theme on saving the planet - these are driven by the pupils' own passion for environmental issues.

As always we ask parents for their views, publishing comments about what went well and ways to improve on our Parents' View page. Some of the comments today included: "The showcase was wonderful, truly amazing. How the kids can dance together and sing. Congrats to everyone, the show was indeed amazing"; "The Greatest Show", and "In general, the idea of bringing and important issue of protecting our planet and getting involved our children to make them understand how crucial it is. I like the way it was presented, very creative, all kids involved and all hard work the teachers put in achieving such an amazing performance". Please click here to visit our Parents' View page where you may access the comments from today's and other days' performances.

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