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Safeguarding Assembly - Be Bright, Be Seen

The very important message given in today's safeguarding assembly was about being seen at night.

Being seen when you are near roads is really important. When it is dark or miserable weather outside it can be difficult for cars to see you... even if you are crossing in a safer place.

Now the clocks have gone back one hour and winter is on its way, you begin to notice it getting darker much earlier than normal. Many people get hurt on roads because they cannot be seen. Bad weather like fog and heavy rain can make it even harder to be seen.

Reflective materials are good when it goes dark as they appear to 'glow' brightly when lights shine on them.

Having clothing that is both fluorescent and reflective is even better because they help you to be seen both day and night. Accessories can make you be bright and be seen too.

Be Bright, Be Seen!

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