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Year 2 Classrooms Back in Action thanks to Brilliant YHCLT Operation

We are delighted that our two year 2 classrooms are back in operation. We discovered that there was rot under the floorboards. Within a few weeks, our Trust, the 'Yorkshire and the Humber Cooperative Learning Trust' has had the old floors completely removed and specialist treatment undertaken to the joists and footings beneath. New floors have been relai

d and we are back in business. Work was carried on after school and into the night, during the holidays and at weekends to ensure pupils and staff were not disturbed. These are the delights of having a 132 year old building!

During the period, the year 2 pupils and staff moved into the staffroom and have coped brilliantly. Many thanks go to everyone for having a real Growth Mindset Attitude to the situation. Learning and teaching have continued unabated. Also, thanks to the rest of the staff - we can have our staffroom back!

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