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Exciting New Project - Calling Anyone Who Lives on Fountain Road Estate

Dear Parent/guardian of any of our Stepney Pupils who live on Fountain Road Estate

The City of Culture volunteers are working on an exciting new project in your area and we’d love to involve the children and families at Stepney Primary School.

After an incredibly successful tulip project in this area of the city, we’ve seen real potential for encouraging residents of this area to share their stories with one another. Working with a professional photographer and writer, we want to capture people’s experiences to then create a local exhibition in an outdoor space at the heart of the estate.

We hope that this will help people to feel more connected to each other and the area they live in.

The plan is for the children to talk to their relative/carer, asking questions about life on the Fountain Rd Estate. These could include:

How the family came to live on the estate

How life has changed for the family

What obstacles, if any, they had to overcome

Interesting/amusing stories about the estate

If you would like to be interested please contact Mr Browning who will put you in touch with the team leading this project. We will then be able to look at collecting their stories.

Those whose stories are chosen to go forward will be asked if they are happy to have their photographs taken by professional photographer Jerome Whittingham for the exhibition.

The Fountain Road Volunteer Team

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