Stepney Teacher In Africa

Miss Baitson is on her way to Sierra Leone for a week, working in Adeline School, which is our partner school in Freetown. A few weeks ago, Eileen Graham, the head teacher, came with a party of her African colleagues to work with us in Hull. Last year, Miss Baitson and Mrs Warcup went to Adeline to help establish and develop reading initiatives in the school. This is part of a Global Partnerships Project which is funded by the British Council, with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals. We hope the week is a valuable one. Miss Baitson has got plenty of training ideas to help up-skill the Adeline teachers in areas of their curriculum.


GOOGLE TRANSLATE: Please ask us if you would like any information translating into another language. As a multi-cultural school we aim to improve communications with all our parents. 

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