• Hayley Jackson

EYFS Alterations Stage 1

This year, we have been eager to improve our facilities for our youngest pupils. Already, we have secured funding for a complete revamp of our outdoor area for the Early Years Foundation Unit, but plans are not in hand for much-needed improvement inside. The first stage of this takes place over the half term holiday. The exisiting storage/office and disabled toilet area is being altered. Staff have cleared the stock room so that a new mezzanine floor may be constructed over this space. With an attached new stair case, we are having a brand new larger storage area built. Contractors will be constructing a frame to support this. Once this is complete, contractors will return over the summer to put a new toilet block underneath this storage floor, giving more toilet facilities. The existing toilets are being remodelled as a new first aid room.

Given the limitations imposed by being a Grade II listed building, we can't build onto the school but this will allow us to dramatically improve facilities for the Early Years.

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