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Pearson Park Visitors

Year 5 have had some visitors talking about an area of the city that is very important to Stepney pupils - Pearson Park. This links in with their thematic unit on the Victorians. This is Martyna's report:

"Damian and Jane (who came to restore Pearson Park) visited our Year 5 classroom to give us some information about the history of it and how they're going to improve its landscape. They handed out the original items from 100 years ago so that we could explore them and gave us lots of evidence of how it used to look like. We were also able to look at the photos of the very first plan and how Hull looked like during the Victorian era. Some were very interesting as you could see a huge similarity to how it looks like now. The children also got to try on some of the worker's clothes and find out what sort of things they did whiste trying to repair our park. We also found out that lots of the items that were once there had been taken away for either being too old and broken or just didn't fit the style of how it was laid out. Everyone really enjoyed it!"

Damian and Jane also explained what has happened to the gateway. This has been completely removed for renovation. Over the years, people have tried to repair it but the repairs they have done have actually made it worse. They showed our pupils how they are 3D printing the decorative features of on the arch so they can make new versions of them.

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