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Year 6 Careers' Fair

We have had a brilliant afternoon with our Year 6 Careers' Fair. With exhibitors from a range of jobs including Crime Scene Investigators, Vets for Pets, St. Stephen's Shopping Centre, Newland School for Girls, Digital technology, KCCOM, Kelvin Hall Careers Team, First Aid in School, IMPs our pupils rotated between each stand asking sensible and searching questions about what these jobs entail. As well as Ruth Truelove, one of our governors, we also had Mr Ingram from the Fire Service. Not so many years ago, Mr Ingram was a teacher here at Stepney so it was great to see him again.

Marianne Simpson (Police CSI) "Had a great time, please invite me again" Jon Ingram (Humberside Fire Service) "Great welcome back - was good to see everyone!" David Andrews (Mr Andrews Online) "Fantastic School!!" Allison Middlemas (Lessons 4 Life) "What fantastic children. All were really polite and interested in learning" Caroline Edwards (Newland School for Girls) "Students were engaged and motivated to learn, even towards the end!" Ruth Truelove (St. Stephen's Shopping Centre) "Fab opportunity for the children to speak to a really good variety of people from different organisations" Amie Atkins (Vets4Pets, Hull) "It's been a pleasure to attend the job fair today. Thankyou for inviting me" Erica Hood (YHCLT Kelvin) "It was a pleasure to meet the pupils and discuss everything from archaeology to boxing" Claire Gooch (Kelvin Hall) "Very well organised event, all the children seemed very engaged with the employers and well behaved" Donna Shipp (IMPS @ CHCP CIC) "Year 6 were fantastic, very polite + asked clear questions. They were genuinely interested in the event. Thank you for inviting me" Brendon Smurthwaite (KCOM) "Very good event and the children were very enthusiastic"

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