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Planetarium & Whole School Picnic Next Tuesday

On 20th July 2019, it will be 50 years since the first Apollo moon landing. NASA are celebrating this historic event, so we thought we’d mark it as well. Ms Saint has organised for a Planetarium to be set up in our school on Tuesday 16th July. This is from ‘Labrascals’ who have been into our school before with exciting science events. Each class will have chance to experience this. It will mean that our school hall is out of operation for that day, including having lunches in there. Weather permitting we will have a whole school picnic on the school field. If the weather is not good, we will have indoor picnics. There will be no hot meals served on this day. The kitchen staff will prepare packed lunches for those who want these. Pupils therefore have two options on Tuesday 16th July.They can bring their own packed lunch from home or ;They can have a packed lunch provided by our school kitchen (unless your child is entitled to free school meals or is in KS1 then the packed lunch will be usual price of £1).

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