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Staff Changes

Regrettably for us, Mrs Wilde is leaving Stepney today as she will be working at another school from September. The post she is taking on involves promotion so we are delighted for her. Mrs Wilde has worked at Stepney for the past seventeen years and, during this period, has been part of a very successful year 6 team. Mrs Wilde is well-respected by all our staff and governors – she is an outstanding teacher and a firm friend and

colleague. We had a special assembly today to say farewell to her.

Mrs Smart will not be with us in September either. She is expecting her second child in August so will be on

maternity leave for most of 2019-20. We are welcoming back Mrs Cameron to help cover Mrs Smart’s leave. She will be joining year 1 while Mr Cameron will be teaching in year 1 for some of the time and also in year 2.

We have appointed a new member of staff. Miss Usher is joining us in September to start teaching in year 4. Miss Usher has already been in school meeting her new class and working with staff.

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