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Famous Brit of the Week #60 - Beryl Gilroy

Today's Famous Brits Assembly was about Beryl Gilroy. Beryl is most famous for being the first black head teacher in London. She was a British pioneering teacher and novelist, and "one of Britain's most significant post-war Caribbean migrants", part of the so-called "Windrush generation". Born in what was then British Guiana, she moved in the 1950s to the United Kingdom. Although Gilroy was a qualified teacher, racism prevented her from getting a post for some time, and she had to work as a washer, a factory clerk and maid. Eventually employed by the Inner London Education Authority, she left work to raise her children before she returned to teaching and eventually became the first Black headteacher in London, at Beckford School in West Hampstead. Her experiences of those years are told in Black Teacher (1976).

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