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Christmas Toy Appeal - Supporting Hull Women's Aid

We are delighted to be supporting a local charity - Hull Women's Aid who have a refuge centre for women and their children.

​Throughout each year for everyone residing within the refuge, the charity aims to provide new happy experiences and memories to children and young people, which are absent of the oppressive and frightening environment they have often been exposed to.

For many, who have not lived with or experienced domestic abuse, Christmas is often regarded as a time for family and happiness; for those who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse their Christmas’ have often been consumed by unpredictability and violence, it is not uncommon for Hull Women's Aid to hear how a child’s Christmas present have been damaged or ruined in the midst of abuse. For the families who have sought refuge at Hull Women’s Aid, although the staff cannot provide them with their extended loved ones, the staff do their utmost to provide happiness at every given opportunity with the help of new toy donations.

If our school is able to support Hull Women's Aid with their toy appeal and help put a smile on children’s faces, then this would help to give a better Christmas those less fortunate than ourselves.

We have put a box for donations in our school office foyer.

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