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IPC on the Plastic Campaign Trail at St. Stephen's Shopping Centre

Our IPC representatives joined colleagues from the other Global Partner schools in Hull to spend a day at St. Stephen's Shopping Centre. After splitting into three groups, they took it in turns to have a tour behind scenes; take part in a workshop on recycling and then conduct a survey of customers in the main concourse. This was all about recycling. We found out that St. Stephen's doesn't send any of its waste to landfill. We saw how cardboard and plastic are compressed, bundled up and sent to reprocessing plants. They told us how they are using foodwaste for a garden or sending it to be made into fuel. They have introduced scores of solar panels and are creating a roof top environmental garden. This includes plans to have some bee hives on the roof as well. It was interesting and worrying to hear the responses of customers to the surveys on single-use plastic and recycling. Everyone the pupils asked seems to be doing their best to reduce, recycle or reuse plastic bottles and they all felt passionate that the supermarkets need to be doing much more to reduce plastic packaging. We were all impressed with the IPC students from all of our schools. They were sensible, polite and very professional in the way they approached today's assignments. Staff from Hull University (who had organised the survey) plus St. Stephen's staff and members of the public were all complimentary. Our sincere thanks go to Kathleen Guthrie and Ruth Truelove BEM for their help today.

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