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Stepney Primary Photo c1900

We have been sent another old photo of the school. The outside of the building has remained virtually unchanged since it was built. Certainly, on the Beverley Road elevation, as seen in this photo, it looks the same. As a Grade II listed building, if we have any repairs carried out to the windows, they have to replicate the look and use the same material as the originals. It looks as if the Beverley Road swimming baths have not yet been built so that information, combined with the clothing being worn might put this circa 1900.

If you or relatives have any old photos of the school, we would be delighted to hear from you. We are constantly having people tell us that they and/or their ancestors went to our school.

One final fact: the school in the photo was called the Beverley Road School. It was renamed Stepney in 1969.

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