Extra Curricular Clubs


Whether it's another sports activity you want to pursue or some ICT skills you wish to develop, then membership of one of our Extra Curricular Clubs is what you want. You may love to get messy with art, or serious with Chess.

Maybe it's your cookery skills you wish to master. We've got loads of things to do, with our lunchtime and after school clubs! Here is a list of our latest clubs:


Scratch Coding Club at lunch with Mrs Openshaw

Chess Club with Ms Saint at 3.15pm

Messy Art Club with Miss Atkinson at 3.15pm

Gymnastics with Mr Jones at 3.15pm



Sports Hall Athletics with Mr Jones at 3.15pm


Ukulele Club at lunch with Mr Browning 

Grow It, Cook It with Mrs Bayley at 3.15pm

Change for Life Club with Mr Brown at 3.15pm


Gymnastics Club run by Space Dance Studio at 3.15pm

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