Pupil Views

It is important that we hear the view of all our pupils. We undertake surveys in the spring term each year to find out just what our pupils think about our school. These are then followed up by members of our School Leadership Team, representatives from our pupils and Local Governing Body.

The questions below were asked in all schools within our Academy Trust. Comparison charts showing how Stepney's results compared with those from the Trust as a whole are shown:

We asked children from Reception-6 for their comments on seventeen multiple choice questions and two open-ended questions. Results are in the charts below:

1)   I enjoy school

2)   Teachers help me to do my best

3)   My teachers give me work that challenges me

4)   I enjoy my lessons

5)   Teachers listen to what I have to say in my lessons

6)   There is an adult at school that I can talk to if something is worrying me

7)   The behaviour of other pupils in my lessons is good

8)   The behaviour of other pupils around the school is good

9)   Bullying is not a problem at our school

10) I feel safe when I am at school

11) My school encourages me to look after my physical health (e.g. healthy eating and fitness)

12) My school encourages me to look after my emotional and mental health

13) I take part in school activities outside of lessons, like clubs, sports, music and arts

14) My school encourages me to be independent and take on responsibilities

15) My school encourages me to respect people from other backgrounds and to treat everyone equally

16) My teachers help me to understand what I need to do to improve in my learning

17) I would recommend this school to a friend moving to the area

18) Tell us about one thing you feel the school does really well

19) Tell us about one thing you feel the school needs to improve on


GOOGLE TRANSLATE: Please ask us if you would like any information translating into another language. As a multi-cultural school we aim to improve communications with all our parents. 

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