Stepney Remote Learning Page - Year 2

Welcome to the home learning page for Year 2,  where you'll find links to learning activities to complete at home. 

COVID-19 & Lockdowns 

We really hope that our school will be able to continue as usual. However, it may be that at some point we have to close part of a school (a bubble) or the whole school. We definitely do not want  to do this, but the health and safety of pupils, their families and staff are of paramount importance. If someone contracts COVID-19, we want to limit the spreading of this virus. We have three different scenarios or categories for our Home Learning.

If your child has to stay at home, please contact  the school office on 01482 343690 

Then select the coloured button below that we have asked you to click on. 
You will then be taken to the Home Learning activities which have been planned for your child to do during their school absence.
Please contact the school office if you have any questions or problems. Thank you.

If your child has had to stay off school awaiting COVID-19 Test Results then please click on the orange Category 1 Button.

New Category 2

If your child has had to stay off school and self-isolate for two weeks then staff will provide work on google classroom that mirrors what is being taught in school.

Google Classroom.png

For other remote learning, including if a classes or 'bubble' goes into lockdown, then either click on the Google Classroom image or go to the app on your child's school google account . We will provide pupils with their own personal login details.


Stepney Year 2

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Google Classroom & Remote Learning Paren

We would love to see the work you have been doing.

If you have any queries, worries or you would like to email your work to the teachers in this year group please use this email address:  or share your work via twitter @OfficialStepney

Other Websites are listed here if you wish to have a look at additional resources.