Arrangements for our school when it reopens on 8th March 2021

  • Introduction
    We are pleased that our school is going to be reopening to all pupils.
    From Monday 8th March all children need to return to school, if they have are well enough to do so.

  • NB New Nursery Pupils - for those nursery pupils who have not been in school before, we are having a slightly staggered start, just to help them. A member of staff will be in contact with parents to let them know about this. For Nursery pupils who have already been in, then it will be the same routine (see below)

  • We have received further guidance and clarification from the government, and this has helped us create a plan for this March reopening. As always, our plans have the welfare and safety of children, families and staff as an absolute priority.
    We realise this message contains a long list of dos and don’ts - we are aware that this is not the usual way we operate or communicate with you but we need to ensure the safety of your children and families and of our staff and so have to be very firm about how we operate as a school in this strange time. We want to do our very best to ensure there are no further local outbreaks of COVID-19 at school and all these protective measures will help us to achieve this>

    Risk Assessment

  • We have updated our previous Risk Assessment to reflect the latest Government guidelines in preparation for opening to the whole school. It goes without saying that the safety of your child and of our staff is our main priority. We will continue to work hard to implement ways of operating, focusing on measures that will help limit the risk of coronavirus being transmitted within our setting.

  • These include:

  • Asking that anyone who is displaying coronavirus symptoms, or who lives with someone with symptoms, does not attend the setting. This includes children and staff who work here;

  • Keeping our children and their class/bubble with as much consistent staffing as possible, and minimising contact with other groups around the setting;

  • Cleaning our hands more often than we used to before the Pandemic. As you are aware, we have developed routines to ensure children understand when and how to wash their hands, making sure they wash them thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using running water and soap and dry them thoroughly, or use alcohol hand rub or sanitiser ensuring that all parts of the hands are covered;

  • Children beingreminded to clean hands with sanitiser and washing hands on arrival at school;

  • Ensuring our children understand good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach and ensuring a good supply of tissues and bins throughout the setting;

  • Implementing our enhanced cleaning schedule, ensuring surfaces touched by children and staff are cleaned regularly and throughout the day, including table tops, door handles and play equipment;

  • Asking parents and carers to physically distance from each other and from staff when dropping off and collecting their children and to limit drop off and collection to one parent or carer per household;

  • Asking children not to bring toys or other items from home to the setting.

  • Facemasks - children and adults in school will not be wearing face masks in lessons. This is because children will touch these masks during the day and this will add risk. Within the classroom, adults will only wear masks if they are cleaning, changing nappies or supporting a sick child’;

  • Staff will continue to wear face masks when moving outside of their office or classroom around the school;

  • Children will be in their ‘Bubbles’. 

  • Although children will be in their own class, they will be part of bigger bubbles. These bubbles will only mix together for limited periods;

  • Children will have designated break times - in separate spaces from other ‘bubbles’; 

  • Breakfast Club will have limited places and booking in will be essential. Breakfast club will only be open to children of Key Workers and those deemed to be vulnerable children.  If you wish your child to attend Breakfast club, then please contact us;

  • Toys and equipment will be shared within a bubble and cleaned meticulously and regularly;

  • Toys cannot be brought from home and work / pictures will not be sent home;

  • Access to the toilets will be carefully managed and they will be cleaned regularly. 


  • In our school we are arranging bubbles in the following ways

  • Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be in a downstairs bubble.

  • Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 will be in an upstairs bubble.
    Procedures for attending school as we open

  • Drop off and pick up process and timings.

  • We would actively encourage you to walk or cycle to school, only using public transport when you have no other alternative, and wearing a facemask for the journey. We would ask you not to car share with another family; 

  • We will continue with a 2 metre spaced queueing system as the children arrive and details of start and finish times and places / doors for your child are below;

  • We also continue to ask that only one adult drops and collects your child; 

  • It is very important that adults don’t congregate on the playground or at the school gates so could we ask that you leave the site quickly after drop off and that you maintain 2 metre distance from others on the site; 

  • Staff will not be able to have long conversations with you as you drop off or pick up - please continue to use the year group email or telephone school;

  • Our staff will be supporting everyone to ensure this happens;

  • There is a 10 minute window for children to arrive at school. You will see below the window for your child’s class; 

  • Years 5 & 6 will arrive at 8.40am on the Stepney Lane Playground and will leave at 3.05pm

  • Years 3 & 4 will arrive at 8.50am on the Stepney Lane Playground and will leave at 3.15pm

  • Years 1 & 2 will arrive at school at 8.50am on the Back Playground via the Beverley Road Gate and will leave at 3.15pm via the Stepney Lane far gate

  • Reception pupils will arrive at 9am on the Back Playground via the Beverley Road Gate and will leave at 3pm via the Stepney Lane gate

  • Nursery pupils will arrive at 9am on the Back Playground via the Beverley Road Gate and will leave at 11.55am via the same gate.

  • Parents will not be allowed on the Stepney Lane playground with years 3-6

  • Parents using the Back Playground must enter via the Beverley Road gate, allow their children to go to their lines, then exit via the Stepney Lane far gate

  • Dinnertime arrangements: Children will eat in the dining hall on a rota basis, with no bubbles mixing. The dining hall will be cleaned between ‘bubbles’ eating and there will be a clear seating plan. The menu options will be limited to some degree with the aim that there is a hot option each day and a sandwich option. Children can bring packed lunches and these will be stored away from each other.

  • Online Pay Scheme Dinners will need to be paid via our online payment system.

  • School Uniforms have to be ordered online by or follow the link on our school website. No uniform stock will be kept in school.

  • Moving around school - we will do our best to ensure no physical contact between children in different bubbles. They may pass in the corridor. 

  • Disruptive behaviour involving possible physical contact / spitting - we consider the risk presented by all the children and it may be that we have to discuss concerns with parents. Together we may need to decide that a child cannot be in school at lunchtime for example. We will have zero tolerance to any behaviour that puts children or staff at risk. 

  • Contacting staff - it will not be possible to meet with school staff in person, with drop off and pick up being very quick and focused on receiving the children safely. However the school phone line will always be manned and you have the year group emails that you have been using during any Remote Learning. We will be responsive to telephone calls and emails and get straight back to you. Parents may also use the school admin email address.

  • Social Distancing outside of school - please respect social distancing on your way to and from school and please do not gather at the school gates. 
    Illness or suspected COVID-19 symptoms and Testing

  • If your child is in any way unwell or slightly unwell you should keep them at home and seek medical advice - call school to let us know as you usually would. 

  • If your child or someone in your household has coronavirus symptoms your child should not come to school. We would ask that you book tests for your family members and let us know the outcomes immediately you know them. Further guidance is available about getting tested from the school website.

  • The aim is to enable children to get back to school, and their parents or carers not to self-isolate any longer than is necessary, if the test proves to be negative. A positive test will ensure rapid action to protect other children and staff in their bubble.  

  • If your child becomes in any way unwell during the day, including if we suspect a coronavirus case, your child will be placed in a separate room and you will need to come immediately to collect your child;

  • For this reason, we must have at least two contact numbers.

    What to bring into school

  • Pupils should bring coats & lunchboxes with them.

  • Reading Book bags are not allowed. Reading books will be kept in school from Monday to Friday

  • The school will provide each pupil with their own pencils, pens and pencil cases plus work books.

  • On PE days only, pupils should come in sports clothing and trainers. On other days, school uniform should be worn.

  • We hope that this letter has given you the information you need to understand what arrangements we have made to enable children to return to school from Monday 8th March.  We hope that you are assured that we have taken all possible steps to ensure safety for all in our school. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

  • We look forward to welcoming your child back to school and have planned a positive start. We will all work hard to support the children to catch up with the learning they have missed and to build on their Remote Learning experience.

        Parent's Consultations

  • We are planning to have parents' consultations sessions in week 4 of the summer term. This will give us chance to assess how well the pupils have settled back into school and their academic needs. More details about how we will organise these consultations will be sent out at a later date.

        Chrome Book & Charger Returns

  • All school chrome books which have been out on loan during the lockdown period need to be returned to school as soon as we start back. It is essential that the charging leads are returned as well. Both chrome books and their chargers will be put into Chromebook storage trolleys so these may be accessed by pupils in school. 

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