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Pupil Voice Team

Pupil Voice Team

We want all pupils at Stepney to recognise the power of their voice, to understand how they can positively influence and effect change within school life and life in the wider world. 

At Stepney, all pupils have the opportunity to ask questions and to share their ideas on how school life can be the best it can be. We want pupils to understand that they have the capacity to suggest and influence change, to understand ways that change can be achieved and to know the importance of reflecting upon and evaluating the impact.

Our Pupil Voice Team helps to facilitate this. The team is made up of 15 pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 pupils who were chosen by the children to represent the voices of the children. They meet regularly to discuss important issues and ideas which have been voiced by pupils across the school. The team play an active role in asking questions or proposing ideas to senior staff members as well as working on their own initiatives developed alongside other pupils in school. Significantly, they have the opportunity to feed back to pupils in response to their voices, for example, in their classrooms or in whole school assemblies.

Pupil Agency at Stepney helps all of our pupils to gain a sense of the power and influence that their voices have and will have in the future. 

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