Jigsaw PSHE and RHE Units

We use the Jigsaw Scheme of work to teach our Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education curriculum. This includes the 'Relationships and Health Education' units. This is a very important part of the national curriculum as pupils learn knowledge and social skills that will help them to be part of the world around them.
This summer, we have some new units in for the 'Relationships' curriculum, which will be taught in the first half of the term and then more new units for the 'Growing Up' curriculum. In line with the new national Relationships & Health Education (RHE) policy, there have been some alterations this year to the syllabus
We have updated our PSHE Policy (click here to view the latest version of this) after having consulted with parents between 7th October 2020 - 25th February 2021 (click here to see our Policies page and the links to the consultation letters).