School policies


Policy documents ensure that school life is governed by a clear set of rules for any and every occasion. It ensures that there is consistency of actions and resolutions for all children in our learning environment. They serve to keep standards high across the breadth of events that can take place and enable staff to re-visit these guidelines on a regular basis to re-evaluate procedures.

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Please note: Staff Only policies are available on the Thrive Staff Intranet Stepney Page.

Statutory Policies (School Based)

Access, Inclusion & Interventions (SEND)

Accessibility Plan

Admissions 2021-22

Admissions 2022-23 (consultation period 12th November 2020 - 24th February 2021)

Admissions 2023-24

Behaviour-Discipline (including COVID-19 addendums)

Charging & Remissions

Children with Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School

Complaints Procedure

Designated Teacher for Looked After and Previously Looked After Children


PSHE including Relationships & Health Education

PSHE Letter to Parents - New RHE Curriculum - Start of Consultation Period

PSHE Letter to Parents - New RHE Curriculum - End of Consultation Period


Safeguarding - Child Protection COVID-19 Annex Policy

School Vision Aims

SEND (Access, Inclusions & Interventions)

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Statutory Policies (Thrive Based)

Thrive - COVID-19 Contingency Plan - Stepney

Complaint Policy (Thrive)

Data Protection (GDPR)

Equality & Diversity (Thrive)

Health & Safety (Thrive)

NQT Policy (Thrive)

Peer on Peer Sexual Abuse Policy (Thrive)

Peer on Peer Sexual Abuse Policy Appendix (Thrive)

Privacy Policies (Thrive)

Staff Code of Conduct (Thrive)

Staff Discipline Management Toolkit (Thrive)

Staff Disciplinary Policy (Thrive)

Staff Grievance (Thrive)

Staff Pay Policy (Thrive)

Staff Sickness Policy (Thrive with Stepney Version)

Thrive - Whistleblowing Policy

Other Policies


Assembly & Worship 

Assessment for Learning        



Breast Feeding

Community Cohesion 

Community Use



Drug Education

Educational Visits

E-Safety (including GDPR, permission letters, guidance, Thrive policies)

Early Years Foundation Stage

Fire Escape Procedures


Healthy Lifestyles


Intimate Care & Toileting


Maths Calculation

Physical Education

Prevent Duty (DfE)

Reading (Thrive)              


Teaching & Learning