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Medical Information

The school does not give any medicine without parental consent. If a child needs medicine please bring it to reception where you can complete the consent form.


​Staff are trained in emergency first aid. First aid is always available. First aid will be given in the best interests of the child and at the discretion of the member of staff. If a child receives First Aid they will come home with an accident report form. 


For guidance on illness please click below to access more information.

Guidance on Illness


If your child is away from school for any reason, please telephone the school as soon as possible. Any absence not explained is recorded as ‘unauthorised’. Registers are completed as soon as the children come into school and any child not present when the register is returned to the school office will be marked absent. If children arrive late they need to go to the school office to let the office staff know they have arrived. Their absent mark will then be changed to a late mark.

When should my child return to school?

Please click here for NHS "Is my child too ill for school". Link to UK Health Security Agency "Should I keep my child off school" poster.


Management of Headlice

Headlice are extremely common in close-knit environments such as schools. Please click here to access information on the management of head lice.

Asthma (NHS)

Defribilators (British Heart Foundation)

Epilepsy Action Website


Diabetes (NHS)

Epilepsy Action For Kids Website

Expert Parents' Guide for Childhood Aniexty

First Aid in School

We have a number of staff qualified to undertake first aid. Where your child has been treated by a first aider you will receive a accident report slip giving details of the incident and the treatment to ensure you are informed should further treatment become necessary.

Where a child requires emergency treatment this will be sought by the staff ‘in loco parentis’ and the parents will be contacted.

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