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Vision and Aims

At Stepney Primary we strive to be an outstanding, learning-centred school which is forward; breaking down the barriers, widening the horizons! We see ourselves as a community of children and adults in which everyone contributes, everyone enjoys and learns and where everyone is valued. "Growing Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies" 



School Aims

As a school community (staff, pupils, parents/carers, governors and stakeholders) we aim to ensure that:

  • Every child is provided with opportunities which will enable him/her to enjoy, achieve, be healthy, stay safe, have economic wellbeing and make a positive contribution to society;

  • Every child is valued for his/her individual contributions and achievements and develops a positive attitude towards everyone in the life of the school and community;

  • Every child will be taught to uphold British and Christian values;

  • Every child develops high self-esteem, confidence and a true feeling of self worth and develops a sense of responsibility;

  • Every child will have full and equal opportunities in all aspects of school life;

  • Every child develops a lively, enquiring mind and life skills so that he/she will have the ability to experiment, investigate, take risks, challenge, discriminate and make informed choices whilst at school and in their later life;

  • Every child is able to respond positively as a learner and we inspire every child with a lifelong love of learning;

  • Every child will be enriched, motivated and challenged by a broad and balanced curriculum that is relevant for all;

  • Every child will develop English, Maths and ICT skills for life through the whole curriculum;

  • Every child is given opportunities to develop global awareness, citizenship skills and an understanding and tolerance of other people’s cultures, race, religion, beliefs and physical differences;

  • Every child’s spiritual, moral and cultural development is encouraged;

  • Every child is able to work and play in an environment that stimulates and supports his/her development.


School Values

Stepney Primary School upholds the following values as a result of these aims:

  • Friendship,

  • Respect and kindness towards others, their views, beliefs and belongings,

  • Honesty,

  • Self control and self discipline,

  • Responsibility for our own actions,

  • Being polite and considerate,

  • Building a sense of community,

  • Fostering a love of learning,

  • Having a good attitude.

Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust Values

 (shared with the other schools in the Thrive Trust)

  • co-operatives throughout the world share a set value that give them distinctive character;

  • self-help in co-operatives, people help each other whilst helping themselves by working together for mutual benefit;

  • self-responsibility individuals with co-operatives act responsibly and play a full part in the organisation;

  • democracy a co-operative will be structured so that members have controls over the organisation – one member, one vote;

  • equality members will be treated just fairly;

  • solidarity members will support each other and other co-operatives; ethical values In the tradition of their founders, co-operative members believe in the ethical values of, honest openness, social responsibility and caring for others

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