Child Protection & Safeguarding

Together with the education and curriculum that we provide to pupils, we consider child protection to be of vital importance. We have a dedicated and well-trained staff who work closely with our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) & Deputy head teacher, Miss Atkinson, as well as the Deputy DSL Mrs Brocklebank. If anyone has any queries, concerns or information that relate to a child's welfare, protection or safety, then please contact the school to speak to one of the DSL's.

Safeguarding Assembly Themes

During the school year, Miss Atkinson, our Designate Safeguarding Lead delivers a Safeguarding Assembly most weeks:

Here is a list of the assemblies delivered so far:

"What is Safeguarding?" 12th September 2017

"Road Safety - Green Cross Code" 19th September 2017

"Road Safety - Different Types of Road Crossings" 26th September 2017

"Stranger Danger" 3rd October 2017

"Rail Safety" 10th October 2017

"Using Medicines Safely" 17th October 2017

"The Firework Code" 23rd October 2017

"Anti-bullying Week" 14th November 2017

"Safety in the Home - Focus on the kitchen" 21st November 2017

"Safety in the Home - Focus on the rest of the house" 28th November 2017

"Keep yourself safe over Christmas" 19th December 2017

"Fire safety at school" 16th January 2018

"Fire safety in the home" 24th January 2018

"NSPCC" 30th January 2018

"Safer Internet Day" 6th February 2018

"Electrical safety" 20th February 2018

"Play safely in the snow" 28th February 2018

"The importance of sleep" 6th March 2018

"Self-defence club" 16th April 2018

"Sun safety" 24th April 2018

"Alarms and warnings" 9th May 2018

"Cycling Safety" 21st May 2018

"Keeping Healthy" 11th June 2018

"Building Site Safety" 18th June 2018

"Looking after your teeth" 2nd July 2018

"What is Safeguarding?" 10th September 2018

"Internet Legends" - Internet E-Safety led by 'ParentZone' 17th September 2018

"Jewellery in School" 25th September 2018

"Cycling Safety" 3rd October 2018

"Proper Hand Washing" 9th October 2018

"Dangers of Online Gaming, such as using 'Fortnite'" 15th October 2018

"The Firework Code" 23rd October 2018

"Be Bright, Be Seen at Night" 6th November 2018

"Anti-Bullying Week" 12th November 2018

"The Golden Rule (linked with Anti-Bullying Week)" 14th November 2018

"Home Alone" 22nd November 2018

"Fortnite Safety Settings" 9th January 2019, (click here for powerpoint)

This assembly was led by year 6 pupils

"Pegi Ratings on Games" 16th January 2019

"The SMART Internet Rules" 22nd January 2019

"Proper Hand Washing" 30th January 2019

"Safer Internet Day" 5th February 2019

"RNLI Water Safety at the Coast" 8th February 2019 presented by the RNLI

"E-Safety tips" 26th March 2019

This assembly was led by year 6 pupils

"What is Bullying?" 1st May 2019

"Different types of Bullying" 7th May 2019

"Bullying - why people do it" 20th May 2019

"School Trips - how we make sure they are safe" 20th June 2019

"Bikeability Feedback - what we've learned about road safety" 27th June 2019

This assembly was led by year 6 pupils

"Stranger Danger" 3rd July 2019

This assembly was led by PCSO Placha

"Who do I turn to for help at school" 4th September 2019

"Important Road Safety Tips" 10th September 2019

This assembly was led by an officer from Humberside Fire & Rescue

"Online Chat Rooms" 17th September 2019

"Say No to Racism" 2nd October 2019

"Home Alone" 9th October 2019

"Being Aware about Dyslexia" 16th October 2019

"Lock Down Procedures and Practice" 21st October 2019

"Follow the Firework Code" 5th November 2019

"Be Bright, Be Seen" 6th November 2019

We welcomed Mr Meara-Blount who presented hi-viz arm bands to every pupil.

"Understanding Autism" Part 1 19th November 2019 

"Crossing the Road Safely" - National Road Safety Week" 21st November 2019

"Understanding Autism" Part 2  27th November 2019 

"Treating Head Lice" 4th December 2019

This assembly was led by Mrs Fenwick, our school nurse.

"Thinking About Others After Christmas" 8th January 2020

"Raising Awareness of Epilepsy" 15th January 2020

"Asthma Awareness" 21st January 2020

"Bikeability Safety" 28th January 2020

"Children's Mental Health Week" 4th February 2020

"Equality Act 2010" 5th February 2020

"RNLI Water Safety at the Coast" 10th February 2020 presented by the RNLI

"Safer Internet Day" 11th February 2020

"Diabetes Awareness Part 1" 3rd March 2020

"Diabetes Awareness Part 2" 10th March 2020

Owing to the COVID-19 Pandemic, whole school assemblies were suspended in March. Teachers undertook their own safeguarding assemblies in-class. 

"Stranger Danger" beginning 7th December 2020

Owing to the COVID-19 National Lockdown in Spring 2021, whole school assemblies continued to be suspended for the term. Teachers undertook their own safeguarding assemblies in-class. We have recommenced assemblies, albeit in phase groups, in the summer term.

"We are all different and difference is good" for KS1 week beg. 19th April 2021

"Stephen Lawrence Day/Racism" for KS2 week beginning 19th April 2021

"NSPCC Child Line" for week beg. 3rd May 2021

"Cycling Safety" for week beg. 17th May 2021

"Park Safety" for years 5 & 6 21st May 2011

The two sessions were led by two Police Officers.

"Keeping Healthy" for week beg. 14th June 2021

"Internet Legends" webinar 24th June 2021

"Pegi Ratings on Games" for week beg. 5th July 2021

"Who can I speak to for help at school" for week beg. 21st September 2021

"Electrical Safety" 24th September 2021 led by Northern Power Grid

"Important Road Safety Tips when Cycling" 27th September 2021

"Mental Health Day" 4th October 2021

"Handwashing" 11th October 2021

Like most schools in Hull, we use the CPOMS online safeguarding site to record a range of health, welfare, behaviour and safeguarding issues. CPOMS complies with the General Data Protection Regulations.


Miss Atkinson and Mrs Brocklebank are our CEOP Ambassadors. 

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