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Attendance this week

We have had an improved week but we are still waiting for some pupils who have not returned to school yet. Some families have taken holidays at the end of the official school holidays and we still have pupils who have moved during the holidays but we haven't had the official documentation come through yet.

The following figures show the percentage of pupils achieving 100% attendance for the week.

Foundation Stage: 92.86% (4 pupils didn't have 100%)

Year 1: 93.33% (2 pupils didn't)

Year 2: 89.29% (3 pupils didn't)

Year 3: 76.67% (7 pupils didn't)

Year 4: 87.50% (3 pupils didn't)

Year 5: 80.00% (6 pupils didn't

Year 6: 93.10% (2 pupils didn't)

Class Attendance The following figures show each class’s overall attendance figures for the week. Foundation Stage: 94.18%

Year 1: 98.66%

Year 2: 94.29%

Year 3: 90.67%

Year 4: 94.17%

Year 5: 95.67%

Year 6: 98.62% Our target is to have 96% attendance or greater.

Our whole school average for this year is currently: 93.86%

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