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Thank you for your support

Many thanks to those parents who are talking with us about detentions that their child has. It is definitely having an effect of reducing detentions. This term, we introduced some new procedures for our detentions in school. In classrooms, pupils are praised for their good work & behaviour, earning merit tokens, points and other rewards from their class teachers. For the vast majority of pupils, their behaviour is first rate and is often commented on by visitors. We are proud of this and also very grateful for the tremendous support that we have from you, their parents. You obviously set high regard for good behaviour and it is very much appreciated by us. Unfortunately, some pupils do not always respond to these and do not follow our classroom rules. We are sending texts messages home whenever a pupil has a detention. For one detention, this text will ask you to talk to your child about his/her detention; for two or more detentions, the text will ask you to speak briefly with a member of our staff at the end or start of the school day.

We have five rules across the school that all pupils are aware of:

  1. Follow instructions;

  2. Show respect for classmates;

  3. Show respect for staff;

  4. Complete work;

  5. Show respect for school property.

Not following the rules

  1. First, a pupil will receive a warning from a member of staff;

  2. Second, if they continue to misbehave, they will receive a 5 minute detention, to be taken in the hall with a senior member of staff at morning playtime;

  3. Third, if they continue after this, or if it is more serious, they will receive a 10 minute detention. (We do not keep the pupils in for the whole of playtime so that they have chance to go to the toilet before the next lesson starts).

Notifying parents

We like to tell parents about the good things that their children are doing in school. However, it is important that we let you know if their child’s behaviour is not as it should be. From Monday 17th…

  1. If your child has a detention, we will send you a text message. When you see your child at the end of the day please take time to speak with your child about this, reminding him/her about good behaviour;

  2. If your child has two or more detentions in a week, we will send you at text message asking you to speak to a member of staff at the end of the day. S/he will be able to explain what the detentions were for;

  3. If your child continues to have repeated detentions over a longer period, a member of staff will phone you asking to meet so we can address the reasons for your child’s behaviour;

  4. On occasions, when a pupil’s behaviour continues to be an issue, we may have to consider them being put on a report for a week or more. For more extreme behaviour, we may also have to exclude pupils. Fortunately, these consequences are infrequently used.

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