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Stepney Pupils Love Hull Active School Competitions - Autumn 1 2018 Report

Our pupils have just loved being involved in the wonderful Hull Active Sports Competitions during the first autumn half term. Not only did they show Great Growth Mindset attitudes in tackling some new events but they showed many other admirable qualities as the following list shows...

A total of 76 children took part in the following events:

Y5/6 Tag Rugby - Kian (Determination - always leading the defence)

Y5/6 7aside Football Cup - Dylan (Self Belief - kept going when games were tough and scored a great goal)

Y5/6 Basketball - Blake (Teamwork - made sure everyone knew what to do and passed to everyone)

Y1/2 Boccia - Lexi (Respect - had a fantastic attitude and respect to other children)

Y3/4 Boccia - Oliwia (Honesty - tried her best, played the game honestly and with a big smile)

Y5 Hulltimate Challenge - all y5 (Passion - the full class met the challenge with big smiles)

Y5/6 Girls 7aside Football Cup - Gaya (Determination - did not stop running through the whole event)

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