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Great Feedback from IMPs for our Year 6

Our year 6s had an excellent morning yesterday with the IMPS team. They learned how to do CPR and other vital first aid skills, including putting on plaster casts. They looked at X-Rays and saw what broken bones look like on these. We are really pleased with the overall maturity and learning attitudes of our year 6 class this year so it can as no surprise that the feedback from the IMPS team was positive.:

"Can I just say for the time I observed the pupils were brilliant – they listened & all interacted really well, asked some very interesting and relevant questions and were very sensible when using the manikins. Even when the group came down to the hall after break they sat quietly and waited patiently for Helen to start. What a great class!"

Donna Shipp

Hull I.M.P.S Co ordinator

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