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Safeguarding Assembly - Home Alone

The focus in today's Safeguarding Assembly was about what we should do if left home alone. We hope no one is left home alone, but these are important things you need to think about if this does happen to you.

Important Questions to Ask

Who should I call if something goes wrong? Check you've got numbers.

When will you be back?

What am I allowed to do?

What if I need something to eat or drink?

What if I'm cold?

Am I allowed to go out? (when, where and for how long)


Don't open the door to strangers.

Don't let anyone know you're home alone via social media.

Don't answer the phone unless you've agreed that your parent will call at a specific time.


Do let your parents know how you feel about being home alone.

Don't hesitate to use the numbers you've been given.

Do call 999 if there is an emergency - you need to know your address for this.

Do call child line if you are scared - 08001111

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