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Holiday Reminders: Fines

We have to remind everyone about the fines procedures for absences from school. If a pupil is taken out of school during term time for a holiday, it is the school policy not to authorise this.

If a parent/carer decides to do this, s/he is likely to incur fines, issued from the Local Authority. For 10 or more sessions (a session is defined as being either a morning or an afternoon), the fine is worked out as £60 per pupil and £60 per parent/carer of that pupil.

For example: if there are two pupils and two parents then this would be £60 x 2 pupils + £60 x 2 parents = £60 x 4 = £240.

It is imperative that pupils do not miss time for holidays during the term time to ensure they continue to make progress.

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