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Hull Active Schools Challenges 23rd March #IsolationIcons @HullActivSch

#IsolationIcons challenge 1 - STAIR JUMP

Go to the Hull Active Webpage for this.

They've called this series 'Isolation Icons' and we designed all these simple activities to be suitable for any home/garden. Where equipment is mentioned they have tried to give other examples and alternatives to ensure all children can give it a go. Feel free to have a go yourself!

Their hope is to see students share their attempts and create an online community across Hull, all staying active and challenging themselves to complete this series.

An Isolation Icon 'champion' will be crowned each day, with different criteria being used to select the winner! Some examples below;

  • determination

  • self-belief

  • passion

  • teamwork

  • improvement of score

  • total score

  • innovation of equipment/space

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