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A Hull & East Yorkshire Children's University Day at Welton Waters for Year 6

Our current year 6 class were just about to go on an exciting visit to London last year when the world was thrown into chaos with the pandemic. Thank you to the Hull and East Yorkshire Children's University for giving Year 6 the opportunity to spend the day at Welton Waters Activity Centre. After a short coach trip, our pupils and staff were kitted out in wetsuits and buoyancy aids. The weather was kind and the lake wasn't too cold!

After arriving and having a safety talk, the class divided into two groups.

Activity 1 involved sailing in two boats across the lake, which was amazing. A pirate water fight with water shooters then ensued with some sneaky buckets of water being thrown at the pirates on each boat.

Very wet pupils...and staff!

Activity 2 focussed on paddle boarding. There was an opportunity to go on giant group paddle board with lots of pupils falling in (there is a rumour that staff may have rocked these a little!). This was followed by individual paddle boarding. Paddle boarding involved single or giant boards for five. Swapping boards was tricky and everyone fell in at least once!

The day ended with the opportunity to jump off the jetty into the water (and Mrs Brocklebank decided to join in as well).

Overall, it was a tremendous day with all pupils behaving impeccably and having a truly fun day.

Thank you Children's University. Thank you Welton Waters.

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