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Bike Library Bonanza from R-evolution & Northern Power Grid

We are delighted that Stepney Primary School has been selected for a project aimed at encouraging children to take up cycling. The project is being delivered by local charity R-evolution and has been funded by Northern Powergrid as a ‘thank you’ to the local community for its support and patience while the company carried out extensive roadworks to lay new electricity cables earlier this year. There were many smiles from children as they picked up their bikes today. What a great event is has been. Our profound thanks go to the R-evolution team and their sponsors, Northern Powergrid.

Powering electricity safety with Northern Powergrid

Northern Powergrid is responsible for the electricity distribution network that powers your everyday life. With more than 63,000 substations and 60,000 miles of overhead power lines and underground cables in its operating area, safety is the network operator’s top priority. Protecting its electrical equipment and delivering electricity safely for 8 million customers is at the heart of everything it does. Electrical equipment carrying thousands of volts is enclosed behind secure doors and fences, overhead electricity equipment is out of reach and yellow Danger of Death warning signs are placed on substation fences, poles and other equipment to constantly alert people to the dangers and to stay safe and away.

Vandalism and people straying too close the power network can cause series injuries or at worst fatalities. It can also result in equipment being left damaged, putting passers-by at risk, as well as causing power cuts for thousands of people and damage which Northern Powergrid’s expert teams have to make safe and repair.

As part of the day, Northern Powergrid’s safety presenter will share safety advice to help your child learn about your local electricity network, how to stay safe and what to do if they ever need to call for help by dialling 105, the free number to report a power cut or electricity emergency. As part of the day they will also find out about lots of free education activities available on to learn about electricity.

Yours faithfully, John Marshall

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