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Important Reminder to Parents re: COVID-19

May we remind our families that if any member of their family shows symptoms then the whole family needs to isolate for 14 days, even if they are not sure - and if a test is done and all is well they can return to school.

At another local school (not Stepney) a parent, with a child in one of the bubbles, tested positive and called school to let them know. Their child had been attending school even though the Dad has been showing symptoms. The local authority was contacted and they suggested that because the child had been coming to school while the father was showing symptoms the school needed to close the bubble and all the other children and staff in this bubble needed to isolate for 14 days. This would not have been necessary had the child been at home while the father had had symptoms. 

We would like to avoid this at Stepney so please keep us informed if necessary.


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