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International Pupil Council - The Children's Global Voice

What a day we had yesterday. The first International Pupil Councils took place in both Hull and Freetown. Founded in 2010 by Francis Mason (seen above) and Mr Browning, this is going from strength to strength. Undaunted by global crises, such as Ebola and COVID-19, the IPC has continued to get young people involved in the forefront of current global issues. Yesterday, we had the chance to take a relook at the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Mr Mason led a meeting in Freetown and Mr Browning led an online remote meeting in Hull. It would have been great to have met in person but we are all still treading carefully in Hull with COVID. Pupils were able to share the brilliant work they have been doing with Global Projects and started to plan for their global work this term. There are many international issues which are close to the children's hearts, including Climate change, Poverty, Education for All and Gender Equality (especially pertinent given the situation in Afghanistan). This is the VOICE of our YOUNG PEOPLE.

Children from Endsleigh and Stepney also recalled how they had met with Lisa Chesney, the new High Commissioner for Sierra Leone. We are eagerly looking forward to more contact with the High Commissioner this year.

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