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Remote Learning & Google Classroom Guide

There is no doubt that we want to be in school with your children to give them the best learning environment and the best learning opportunities.

If we have to close a ‘bubble’ of classes due to COVID-19, we are doing this to keep everyone as safe as possible from this virus.

Children still need to learn. It is quite clear that many pupils and their families found the spring and summer lockdown difficult. Not being in school resulted in many children not learning as well and being behind where they should be in their subjects.

We do not want any child to have their learning and their future prospects suffer because of this pandemic.

We are therefore getting the school ready in case a ‘bubble’ of classes has to go into isolation for two weeks. This would happen if we had positive cases of COVID-19 at school. We hope this does not happen but we need to be prepared for it.

Please see the attached Parent’s Guide to Remote Learning below.

At some point over the next week or so, your child has been set some work on google classroom.

We need your child to have a go at accessing this at home so we can see if:

  • they can get onto this site at home;

  • they can complete the homework;

  • send the homework back to us.

This will help us to see any problems that this may cause and enable us to try and fix them for you.

Google Classroom & Remote Learning Paren
Download • 749KB

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