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What would happen if a bubble went into Lockdown? - letter to parents

Dear Parents and Carers,

First of all, many thanks for the phone conversations that you have had with our teachers. Overall, it has been great to hear that you have been happy with your children’s return to school. We have also been talking to the children a lot about their feelings – it is lovely to hear that they are glad to be back.

We realise that the children have missed out from being in school since March. Even for those who came back in after June, it was not the same for them. Socially the children have been thrilled to be back mixing with their friends – the laughter and excitement that we hear on the playground is a joy to behold. Academically, there are gaps in pupils learning caused by missing the whole of the summer term. Staff have been looking carefully at what they need to do to help children catch up.

We truly hope that school can continue as usual but, like you, we are all watching the news and the developments in different areas. In Hull, there have been some primary and secondary schools where a bubble (a group of classes) has had to go into lockdown and self-isolate for a few weeks, due to a positive COVID results and symptoms.

We have put a number of things in place, which you need to be aware of, including new Remote Learning pages on our school website – these will be crucially important in the weeks and months to come. Please go onto our website and click on the Home Learning Tab to take you to the following page: These pages will give you and your child access to learning and resources and year group email addresses.

Here is what will happen if pupils have to go into isolation: please see the important letter below...

What would happen in the event of a Lock
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